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About F2o Designs


F2o Designs is a proprietary that is solely dedicated to providing its clients with original cartoon illustrations. Services include ready-made and custom t-shirts and accessories, cartoon logos and mascots, and custom cartoon illustration.

F2o provides its customers a wide range of merchendise, that includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, mugs, glasses, keychains, and much more!

F2o also provides services such as custom cartoon logos, characters, and mascots that can be used for your projects.



The artist behind F2o Designs actually started drawing at a young age. F2o Designs, the brand, emerged in the summer of 2004. The artist participated in the Villa Moda (Kuwait) T-Shirt Designing Contest, and had won 3rd place. In April 2005, F2o participated in the American University of Sharjah Annual Global Day, selling hand-painted t-shirts and taking custom orders. F2o also participated in three other exhibitions: PRES Design Show (2006), AUS Global Day 2008, Proud to Be Kuwaiti (2009), and two solo exhibitions held at The Exhibition (2009 and 2010).

In August, 2006, the Arabian Motors Company (official Ford dealer in Kuwait) collaberated with F2o Designs to produce a set of coloring sheets that were later used for an event.


F2o Shop

The first F2o Designs shop officially opened in August 24th, 2011. It is located in Murgab, Kuwait City, in Burj Jassem.

The shop's walls and furniture are originally designed with numerous cartoon characters.

Here is what some of the local bloggers' wrote about the F2o shop:

"The store designed in a way that you cannot help but smile while looking around… It felt like as if I was walking into an old designed house that just got renovated! You would look at things around and sometimes laugh in amusement at some of the displayed items, how they are displayed, or what she used in her own designs (YES! She designed the place herself from picking up the colors to the pieces… to the smallest details)!" - ANSAM518.com

"The moment I stepped inside my eyes were all over the place. It was such a magical funky place that it was literally hard to concentrate as you try to look everywhere at once...I had so much fun visiting f2o, I can say its the most fun shopping experience I've ever had in Kuwait so far! I just didn't want to leave and I stayed nearly till the closing time!" - DANDERMA.co

"What I love about F2o is it has this traditional Kuwaiti feel to it... I took my two little scamps and we headed to Burj Jassem. The shop was so delightful! Everywhere I look there were illustrations and posters, and collectibles from the artist life." - MAVIEMAJOIE.blogspot.com

"I saw the Logo while I was going up and was like wow it stood out among all the clothing stores at Burj Jassem! When I entered I got a smile from this young woman and I instintly knew it was Fatima ! We chit chatted a bit , Mashallah You can never get bored of her, the reason why she took her time in opening a store is that she spent the past year testing materials, quality of fabrics, it's always a good step to start small then when you feel 100% ready go big and that's exactly what Fatima did!" -7AJIDUDE.com



"Go With The 'Fro"

The F2o Designs mantra invites all of its fans to stand out in any crowd. Look at it this way: if you have a crowd of people with regular, everyday haircuts and you see only one person sporting an afro hairdo, wouldn't you focus on that particular person? This is why the official F2o Designs mascot is the "afro-haired" character. In other words, be who you are and don't go with the flow. Go with the 'fro!


About the Founder


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