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Q: What does F2o mean?
A: F2o stands for the initials of the founder, which are: F F O, Fatima Fawzi Al-Othman

Q: Do you have ready t-shirts that we can order right away, instead of waiting for a custom order to be made?
A: Yes. You can find a variety of t-shirts and other items at the F2o shop. Click here to find out more about the shop.

Q: Is it possible to order a t-shirt that is one of a kind?
A: If you want a unique t-shirt, you came to the right place! You can customize your t-shirt to suit your own taste and style. Click here to find out more. Click here for more information.

Q: How can I wash my F2o t-shirt? Wouldn't the colors fade away?
A: Hand-painted F2o t-shirts and accessories are now of a much better quality. This is the result of several tests that were undertaken to determine applicable care instructions. However, for better, long-lasting results, hand-washing your t-shirt is the best option. Click here for care instructions.

Q: Do you design kids' clothing?
A: Yes! I also do gift packages!

Q: What if I have a certain design in mind? Can I describe it to you to have it done on my t-shirt?
A: You can describe the design that you want in the provided text box in the order form, and I will then sketch it out and send it to you for approval. Check out the Custom T-Shirts and Accessories section for more information.

Q: Can you draw a famous cartoon character or a known logo on a t-shirt or anything else?
A: I will not draw any character that is not of my creation. For example, I will not draw Bugs Bunny, or even the logo of any other known brand.

Q: Do you have a shop?
A: Yes. The F2o Shop opened in August, 2011. Click here for more information.

Q: I would like to order a poster. Do you offer this service as well? How much would that cost?
A: Yes, and the costs vary depending on the size, colors, and details. Check out the Services section for more information.

Q: I need to request a couple of cartoon characters for a project; how much would this cost?
A: This also depends on the size, colors, and details. Check out the Services section for more information.

Q: Can I use some of your drawings for my own use, like for my website, my blog, or a school project?
A: NO. This is a big NO. Copyright terms must be respected, and I am trying to emphasize this as much as possible, especially that many artists and designers are suffering from illegal usage of their work, whether it was on the internet, or even in print. People must understand that this is ILLEGAL as well as UNFAIR to the artist and designer. Please read the terms and conditions to learn the limitations that are set for using F2o creations.

Q: I do not live in Kuwait. Do you ship abroad?
A: International shipments will be available as soon as the F2o Online Shop is launched.


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